Yes, I'm still posting to DailyChronicles. But I'm not doing so daily. Sadly I'm just to erratic with my schedule these days. So at least for now its required the occasional story dump.

Just an FYI.


Not back, not really

Yeah, I'm still not that interested in LiveJournal. It's not what I need out of a forum for discussion or keeping notes.

That said, I'm still dragging my feet on making a new website just for my stuff as I've not done so before and am stumbling along.

Still, I've been writing flash fiction akin to the Daily Chronicles of years past, and I need some place to put them until I get the site up.

So I guess it's time to put them back on that part of LiveJournal.


Gosh... been awhile...

Yes, like many, I've succumb to the ease of Twitter dark morass that prohibits me the time to actually write anything long and informative when instead I can blast out a few characters and believe that I'm being "pithy."

Still, I don't mean to avoid Livejournal... and in fact know that I should utilize it more often now than ever. Just in a new way I would like to think.

So, we'll see.

What have I missed over here in LJ land? The Russians still mucking things up? Dextradawn still plunking away on her pots? Anything?


Sony Service Sucks!

It's now clear to me that the only way I'm going to get my computer back from Sony Repair is to go down to San Diego, smash down the damn door and demand my computer be handed over immediately.
Supposedly it was finished on Monday, and should have been FedEx-ed to me on Tuesday, but here it is Thursday and it's still not here.
This is after being without the damn thing for over 21 days. So what happened? A serious lack of communication on Sony's part and terrible customer service.
I've called everyday for the past week to check on the status, and I've been told something different each time. Today it was that the computer is still undergoing its last "diagnostics" and should be shipped this afternoon or tomorrow. Ha, that's a new one. Before I'd been told it was completed on Monday and just waiting in their shipping department. Then I was told they couldn't deliver to my address. Then I had to give them a shipping address twice in a row. Oh, and they had my incorrect email address, despite my updating it with them several times. Now this…
It's just stupid.
And did I mention this is all due to faulty materials being used in their laptop? That the repair is to fix a "known problem" with the cooling system?
So the moral of the story gang… Sony Repair Service sucks.
Thunderdome Back

Burning Man Rocket Run Report!

And now, the Rocket Run Report!

I just got back from the Playa.
Yup, due to a strange set of circumstances Marian and I drove to Playa on Saturday, had a great time at the Early Man Burn, set up some camp stuff and then drove back on Sunday… Rocket Run indeed.

But that means I can report to you regarding the conditions there and things to look out for.

First of all, the Playa is in great condition. Very firm with only a few random patches of soft berm dust.
The site of the Man itself is actually damn overwhelming. The center of the City currently has a nest of trees stretching 20 feet high, and the Man's not even on top of them yet. Very cool.

It was not overly warm there over the weekend, as it remained fairly overcast. But we did get RAIN… not a lot, but be prepared to deal with wet conditions.

The real issue is traffic. There are major road closures going over 80 in the Sierras. We just missed those going up. But coming down, we were screwed and I had to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for an extra hour around Vacaville. Plan accordingly and try to travel during the day as much as possible, as the roadcrews are working at night and shutting down the roads completely in some cases. There is even a website in place to plan your trip over the Sierras at Be advised that past Truckee and before the Nevada border the road shrinks down to a single lane of traffic with concrete dividers on either side of the road. It's a bit like slot car racing and very nerve-racking. What this really means though is don't pack your vehicle so that it extends much on either side AND if you make it through there without being stuck behind some jackass in a Art Bus that's scraping the dividers, count yourself lucky.

Just remember to plan accordingly, leave early and expect delays.

Good luck!


PS- Some of you noticed that I was sending Text messages and posting to Twitter from my phone while actually out on the Playa. The rumors are true, THERE IS CELL PHONE SERVICE on the Playa. But… and here's the funny part… I wouldn't plan on using it. Apparently a fella rented out some land from the farmer that owns the land at the nearby Frog Pond and he installed a temporary tower to provide service. But, as it's only one tower it only has the capacity to handle about 3,000 users at a time, and with limited connectivity at that. So when 50,000 people all try texting at once… you get the picture. The farmer didn't know that the Burning Man Org really isn't too keen on the idea, and so he probably won't make that deal again next year, but for this year the tower is in place.
I can also tell you that texting is frowned upon on the Playa. I got chewed out for texting by several folks. The funniest thing, they all told me to go text in the Porta Pottie if I really had to. So beware, if you're waiting in line at the Porta Pottie's the person in front of you might have been doing something really dirty, like posting a Tweet.
I see all

10-year-old student reporter interviews President Obama

While this interview is clearly as much a PR stunt as a real voicing of issues... I'm truly heartened to see our President take the time to be interviewed by a 10-year-old boy and actually talk to him directly and without "dumbing things down" per se.
And can you imagine our last president doing this? Taking on the hard issues of school bullies and then moving on smoothly to school lunches and funding for low-income schools?
It's 10 minutes long, but worth the time to watch.
I'm also reminded of the old pictures of President Kennedy shaking hands with a young Bill Clinton.